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  • How long are the waffles good for?
    Waffles can stay out on the counter for two days or in the refrigerator for one week. We recommend whatever your pet doesn't eat within the next couple days, freeze the remaining waffles so they stay fresh. Defrosting a bag of waffles only takes about 10 minutes.
  • I just got a puppy, are these waffles safe for them to eat?"
    Absolutely! Everything in moderation! These waffles are easy to break apart so when your puppy is potty training, you can break little pieces off and feed them small amounts to reward good behavior for going potty outside.
  • My puppy is teething, can I give him/her frozen waffles?"
    Yes! Frozen waffles are perfect for puppies to chew on. The frozen waffle can help with some of the discomfort your puppy may have while teething. Chewing on a frozen waffle is way better than them finding your shoe to chew on!
  • I have an old dog with only a few teeth left, will these waffles hurt their mouth?"
    Not at all. These waffles are very soft and have a sponge like consistency.
  • Are these waffles grain free?
    No. These waffles are made with all purpose white flour.
  • What are the different ways I can give the waffles as treats?
    There are several different ways you can offer the waffles... 1) They can be given as is, a waffle like consistency 2) They can be given frozen for a cold treat 3) They can be baked in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes for a cruncy texture 4) They can be heated up in the toaster oven for crunch outside and soft inside
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